Many parents who are against ill-equipped teachers pushing experimental social justice programs are making their voices heard. Accusations of systemic racism are being hurled everywhere.

Why are so many liberal, big government voting parents demanding schools take over what is their moral responsibility? Most conservative, small government voting parents don’t want schools to take over their children’s moral education.

Systemic - affecting or connected to the whole of something, especially the human body.

An infant is affected from birth by their parents and initial caregivers. There are many studies regarding nurture vs nature. Not just as applied to the physical, but the intellectual as well.

Vegetarians impart the undesirability of animal products. Racists impart the undesirability of those different from themselves.

It is the responsibility of parents and those people our babies first come in contact with, to teach and emphasize, the equality and virtues of all people. Babies are sponges who mimic that which they see, hear and what they are exposed to. We all know, if children grow up hearing that a group of people are bad, dangerous, not bright, the wrong color, ethnicity or religion, they will most likely adopt those beliefs.

Parents, don’t abdicate your role to teachers. Own the responsibility for what you allow your babies and children to hear in your own home. Carry the message of inclusivity from your home into the CUSD school system. We are not isolated or insulated. So, then you be the watch dog that insures our systems of education maintain those inclusive, unbiased anti-racist values you espouse.


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