I watched last week’s Golf Course Advisory Committee Meeting on Coronado TV with interest as city staff was presenting information about the story polls that have been installed on the golf course with the objective being to give residents and the public a visual understanding of how views will be impacted by the construction of the controversial sewage plant buildings and relocated maintenance building. The public is currently not permitted to attend the meetings in person.

Curiously, the most recent drawings presented indicate the proposed sewage plant buildings to be quite a bit larger than the new maintenance building, which is the reverse of the earlier drawings. So there will now be even more, and larger, structures blocking the scenic vista enjoyed by the public.  

Still undetermined are the impact of the access road and employee parking to be placed on the golf course. Also undetermined are what the additional cost will be to earthquake-proof and flood-proof the buildings under this most recent proposal.

The story pole exercise is misleading, possibly even deceptive, to the public because the poles have been placed behind existing trees and shrubbery which would be removed under the recommended Concept A proposal. This is not a valid representation of the impact on the public’s view.

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