The numerous well reasoned parent letters to the Eagle & Journal on September 1st should be an alert to the entire Coronado community that something is wrong at CUSD. Admittedly, making public policy for schools in 2020 under COVID was difficult, but among its many unintended consequences, parents had front row seats over their children’s shoulders of instructional presentations via ZOOM.

I believe this oversight accounts for the energetic commitment of those writing to the Eagle & Journal and now attending board meetings. Administrators purposefully selected and approved culturally contentious ideological training materials under cover of COVID, and trustees were neither briefed, offered review, nor approval authority.

In Spring 2021 at CHS the “No Place for Hate” program was introduced and facilitated by Principal Shane Schmeichel. It is beyond disingenuous five months later to portray this as a student initiated “club”.

In the USSR, the Young Pioneers were clubs, modeled after the Boy Scouts, but these “clubs” were not developed by Russian school children. Like “No Place for Hate”, they were sophisticated programs designed, developed, and introduced by agenda driven adults in positions of authority to reshape the ideology of young people.

A great many parents have now seen first hand what the Superintendent of Schools selected to meet what he claims are “external requirements” to meet  California state standards. AB 101 is about to be enacted and will mandate that school districts offer a one semester course beginning in 2025 in “Ethnic Studies” based on the California Department of Education’s “Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum” (ESMC). School Boards may develop their own program based on their own local issues. The ESMC curriculum, however, is strongly supported by the NEA (Teacher’s Union) and looks suspiciously like BLM and CRT in disguise ( This ideology is also being promoted by staff, while parents are repeatedly told straight-faced, outright lies.

The deception has produced two outcomes: When those challenged “make up a story” to cover their fraud, trust is broken. When trust is broken, each new public deception confirms to parents that they are considered irrelevant. The evidence? The crowds at School Board meetings demanding that their voices be heard.

Using a “Wizard of Oz” analogy, parents have been cast as Dorothy and her devoted traveling companions demanding action. Superintendent Mueller is the haplessly exposed wizard, spinning his image projection pronouncements in local editorials, insisting; “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.” While no metaphor is perfect, some trustees appear cast as the good-hearted, naïve citizens of Oz, fervently believing their $208,000 per year  “Wizard” will guide and protect them. The wizard will explain it, … “go to the wizard”.

As the truth comes out, it appears that the parents’ and trustee’s confidence has been misplaced. 

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