The Society of Smiles was founded in Coronado during the summer of 2019, with the aim of celebrating the act of smiling, the things that make us smile, and, most importantly, making others smile. Through our research we have found that the simple action of turning up the corners of one’s mouth, even when our circumstances may move our lips in the opposite direction, can have a profound effect on our mental outlook, physical capabilities, and presence in any given moment. The best part - it is completely natural, free and requires essentially no expenditure of additional energy.

Science has proven numerous benefits to smiling - it decreases stress, anxiety, and even blood pressure, while increasing happiness, likability, focus, attractiveness, endurance and endorphins. Interestingly, studies have also shown that a forced smile produces the same positive benefits as one of the spontaneous variety and that they are, in fact, contagious.

We have stood on many street corners across the country holding a cardboard sign that says “Smile” and our faith in the transformative and unifying power of turning a frown upside down is continually deepened. It is a universal symbol of kindness and contentment which requires no translation and we hope you share yours with the world today.

Come join the Society - all you have to do is smile!

One Love,

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