A survey for the Coronado Active Transportation Master Plan is being promoted via social media. This is not how to collect data for governmental decision-making.

Social media surveys are bad science, produce bad data, and are often used to promote the bias of the author. 

Social media surveys differ from professionally administered online surveys as they lack a defined methodology and encourage uncontrolled random sampling.

This survey asks for opinions related to bicycling and possible locations for bike paths in Coronado.

The results will vary depending on who responds to the survey link. No need to be a Coronado resident. No need to be over 10 years old. Snowbirds and even AirBNB visitors are welcome to respond.

Anyone can email the survey link to like-thinkers (such as the San Diego Bike Coalition) in order to influence the outcome. 

You can “vote” more than once by responding from each desktop, tablet, or smartphone in your home. You can respond from your San Diego office computers, too.

A survey that provides bad data is worse than no data at all. It’s like having a navigation system that tells you to drive off the pier.

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