This letter is to alert the many people who participated in commenting on the Port Master Plan ( known as the PMPU) in 2019 of a potential reversal of our hard won community victory. After hundreds of residents showed up at meetings with the Port and submitted hundreds of comment letters most of us were pleased when the final draft of the PMPU was released last month. The Port has responded to many of our concerns and eliminated one of the most objectionable features of their original plan, a proposed new hotel development: at the Ferry Landing. The new PMPU states “no new hotel rooms are planned or allowed” on Port property in Coronado. This was a big victory!

But now, shockingly, the City Council is poised to reverse their long stated position and undercut the work of the community by asking the Port to eliminate this restriction. Apparently the City was lobbied by Marriott and Lowes which want the right to build more rooms on their existing properties and the City wants to accommodate them.

This is doubly shocking because this action would violate the City’s own ordinance, known as the TOZ, which was adopted through a citizens initiative in 1980 and is still on the books. The TOZ limits the Marriott to 300 rooms and contains many other standards designed to keep our Tidelands from over-development. But now our City Council is poised to ask the Port to violate our own ordinance with respect to the hotel room limit while insisting that the Port honor the other provisions of this ordinance. While the Port has denied that that TOZ applies to Port property, until now they have respected it. Can we expect this to continue if our own Council now urges them to violate it?

The City Council will meet again on Jan. 4 and consider its final comments on the Port Master Plan Update including reviewing a draft letter which would reverse the City’s former “no new hotel rooms” position. Unfortunate timing to be sure as everyone is distracted with the holidays but the Council must submit final comments on the PMPU byJan. 10.

If anyone is concerned about this please write the City Council before Jan. 4 (send to and write the Port at by Jan. 10.

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