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Signs Of A Sickness In Society

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Posted: Friday, August 16, 2019 2:19 pm

The things that some politicians say and do for political advantage no longer shock me but continue to disgust me. It was entirely predictable that candidates for the Democrat presidential nomination, who have repeatedly branded President Trump a racist, would reflexively blame him for the latest mass shootings, in El Paso and Dayton. And they did, almost before the awful news reached a public that has become almost numbed to these tragedies. Never mind that mass shootings have been going on since long before Donald Trump’s presidency.

The loss of every human life at the hands of a deranged murderer is a tragedy, whether the result of a mass shooting or a gang banger on a typical night in Chicago or Baltimore. But the massacre in El Paso was all the more horrifying because the shooter specifically targeted Hispanics because he felt they were invading Texas. This fit neatly into the Democrat strategy of labelling Trump as a racist despite his repeated denials which, of course, they reject, because they claim he is also a liar.

The candidates were quick to pounce. Front-runner Joe Biden accused him of “giving safe harbor to hate which gives license to extremism.” Sen. Cory Booker was more direct: “He is responsible.” Beto O’Rourk said “He is encouraging this.” Mayor Pete Buttigieg went even further: “(H)e’s condoning and encouraging white nationalism.” California’s rookie senator, Kamala Harris, accused him of sowing hate and division.

At a time when the nation should come together in mourning and respect for the victims and their loved ones and condemning all hatred and racism, the candidates just couldn’t resist the chance to exploit a tragedy for political advantage. The San Diego Union-Tribune, which devotes much of its space to condemning Trump’s immigration and border policies, printed a full page editorial headlined “Hate Here? Hell, No.” It then proceeded to pour out thinly-disguised hatred and blame on the president. It ended with the words, “Today, look a San Diego stranger in the eye and say ‘Hate here? Hell no. Let’s number hate’s days. So it won’t keep numbering ours.’” Just what does that mean and how might it be interpreted by some angry young man who hates Trump and his supporters?

Pouring gasoline on a fire will not put it out. But that’s what those Democrat candidates and their supporters in the liberal media are doing. It won’t help. Blame for these shootings belongs to the shooters; the racist who drove 600 miles for the purpose of killing Hispanics and to the equal opportunity murderer in Dayton who, incidentally, was an Elizabeth Warren supporter. I haven’t heard anyone blaming her for inspiring that shooter.

As I’ve written before, no one but Mr. Trump knows for sure whether or not he is, in his heart, a racist. People should be judged by their actions, not solely by their words. Trump is clumsy with words and has the language skills of a high school freshman. I warned of this repeatedly in columns and urged the GOP to dump him. Unfortunately, he won the nomination and had the good fortune to run against a deeply-flawed Democrat candidate. He also benefitted from James Comey’s last-minute meddling that probably influenced the election outcome. But this crop of leftist Democrat contenders are, with a few exceptions, just as flawed as he is. They seem full of hatred for this duly-elected president and their socialistic ideas can do severe damage to our robust economy which, like him or not, Mr. Trump gets credit for.

As to whom else to blame for the mass shootings besides the shooters themselves, try blaming our declining culture and our fascination with violence. Blame the angry, alienated young men who blame society for their problems and are eager for revenge and for someone to notice them. Blame their sometimes clueless parents who were too busy to learn parenting skills or notice the warning signs. Blame social media, rap music lyrics and violent video games. Blame disrespect for authority and our laws. Please don’t tell me that research shows little or no correlation between these things and the mass shootings. You can prove or disprove almost anything by slanted research. Those of us who have lived long enough know the signs of a sick society when we see one because we remember when it was, if by no means perfect, certainly healthier, safer, more civil and less hate-filled.

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