CUSD Superintendent Karl Mueller is signaling his intent to embark upon a Black Lives Matter (BLM) inspired reeducation program dividing our students on the basis of race. BLM is a Marxist anti-family organization that poisons the minds of black and white alike. They tell black children that our society expects them to fail and to fear white people. They tell white children that they are born irredeemably racist to make them responsible for the success of others. BLM seeks to weaponize our education system as a means of turning The Dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. into a nightmare of re-segregation.

Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) is an American hero that gave his life to desegregate our nation, and BLM seeks to destroy his noble legacy. His admonition to judge each other by the content of character rather than the color of skin flowed from his deep faith in God. Clearly, his message is needed today more than ever. What message does a clenched fist promote? There is zero compatibility between BLM and MLK, and there could not be a starker choice in this moment.

The March Board meeting revealed that 40% of the CHS Class of 2019 was ineligible for the UC system due to limitations on instructional time. The COVID-19 reopening plan remains a mystery, but Mueller is running headlong into a new social justice paradigm with no input. Instructional time is a zero-sum game. Teach MLK’s martyrdom for freedom not BLM’s message of failure and despair. Show up to the townhall on July 23 and be heard.

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