Shining A Light In Dark Places

On July 21, 2022, a letter from me was published in the Coronado Eagle & Journal. Evidently, my message touched a nerve. This touched nerve decided to send an anonymous warning letter to my home. Warning a person they must change, “before its too late”, is a threat; of what? When an ominous message comes from dark places, there is only one thing to do. Shine a bright light on the hatefulness intended to deny Americans free speech. Within a few hours, I brought the original letter to the Coronado Police. There is a report number. I then showed copies of this typed letter and the thick marker, hand addressed envelope to friends. Now to all.

If the coward who sent this letter to me thought I would be intimidated, sob, shrink back from any further comment, they thought wrong. It is never my intention to make anyone sad. Solution to my sad, would be intimidator, stop reading anything I write. If you find yourself at a public meeting where I stand to speak, step out, or stick your fingers in your ears. No one will mind; least of all me.

The accusations that I am being used by others who do not care who likes me, is so childish. Are we in the 7th grade? Fifth grade? I alone am responsible for what I write and what I say. I believe I have enough of my own words and do not need donations from anyone else.

I believe in the American Constitution, love all the Amendments, especially the First Amendment, and the 19th giving Women the Right to Vote. I cherish an American free press that presents all ideas and opinions. What is sad and dangerous is that folks who claim to believe in democracy, equal rights, diversity, and inclusion want to deny all those things to those who do not completely agree with their opinions and ideology of exclusion. These, left of center, groups only want it their way.

I encourage anyone who received or receives a similar anonymous letter to shine a light, report it to the Coronado Police. If you are being told you have no right to voice your opinions, beliefs and needs, speak out louder. Do not allow your rights as an American to be denied by haters. Before the left complains that there are fringe elements on the right who also wish to deny speech, I agree. There are unhinged extremists, left and right on almost every issue. Don’t decide that gives you a pass. I welcome dialogue and civil exchanges. Please, do not resort to silly anonymous letters to anyone.


VOL. 112, NO. 32 - Aug. 10, 2022

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The willingness of some to shut down debate, to stifle opposing views is and will always be dangerous for a free society. The trampling of our liberties these past few years by the educated and bureaucratic elites has had devastating results on most parts of our society. The willingness to suspend while hiding behind a "science" that cannot be questioned or challenged would normally cause thinking people to pause. But the political benefits were far more appealing to those who were willing to sacrifice their own children's future for some temporary short term gain. These folks do not want to be challenged with ideas, they only want to intimidate and try to silence people with threats. WE need to understand the tactics they use, and begin to reject it. Bravo for not allowing this person of hate to hinder you. Perhaps even those who would normally oppose your political ideas can find the decency to condemn this. This is not a Left or a Right idea, the fact people cannot be willing to stare down evil together is our problem. This person who wrote this is a coward.


I agree with much of your outrage over this, but I must ask why you hide your identity and don’t comment under your own name since you comment on letters posted here fairly often. If you believe strongly in what you write, you should own it.

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