Quote from Jimmy Stewart past Dive Master at Scripps Institute of Oceanography and shark attack victim.

Regarding your recent article “Shark Lab Scientists & Coronado Lifeguards Tag White Sharks at Coronado Beach,” here is a fun fact. On Oct. 12, 1958, a Coronado High School (CHS) friend of mine, John “Rusty” Allman, 15, was mauled by a very large shark off the rocks of the Hotel Del Coronado. Rusty was free diving in shallow water spearfishing for halibut. In a Journal article on Oct. 13, 1958, Rusty is quoted describing the attack, “I just felt something snap me. I looked around and it was a big old shark. He rolled over on his back with his mouth open as he swam away”

Rusty was helped into shore by his dive buddy Kamp Christian, also 15. The Navy Hospital reported the victim “suffered multiple lacerations on his left arm, left leg” and buttocks. The most sever wound was a six-inch gash on his left arm. The large bite area and the size of the biggest laceration could indicate a huge creature with big teeth. Rusty said he was taken with such force and speed that his dive mask ripped away before he was released. The description of the attack follows Great White predation behavior but Rusty’s shark was never positively identified.

Remember when we enter the ocean we become part of the “food chain.”

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