As we grind through the difficult days of the pandemic, I’d like to share some hope.

My daughter, the fashion designer, is making protective masks--dyed with turmeric and beet juice, and they are lovely.

In every city around the nation, feats of valor, creativity and grace are being accomplished every day. We will win this battle. This gives me hope: the power of our teamwork and solidarity. People are doing things they’ve never done before. Resilience abounds. And these are just the qualities needed to confront and lick the next pandemic: the looming climate crisis.

At this moment, these are just the tools we need to ensure a healthy, livable and prosperous future. From cleaner air in our cities to reduced water pollution in lakes and oceans to quality clean energy jobs--sourced from limitless supplies of sun and wind. So as we work through the current challenges, let’s take stock of our boundless ingenuity and keep in our sights a future worth fighting for.


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