In case you missed it, the Council recently voted to expand the width of the sidewalk on Ocean to better accommodate the tourists--at Coronado taxpayer expense of course.

You’d think that they were voted in by the tourists who visit our town, not by the residents who live here.

The problem is that by widening the sidewalk they take away critical space in the street for Coronado cyclists--space which is vitally necessary to their safety.

Actually I’m not too worried about it; I rarely ride my bike on Ocean anymore--too dangerous most of the time with all the tourist traffic, not to mention the solid line of parked cars that’s almost always there now whenever the weather is nice. (And of course I never drive my car to the beach--too hard to find parking.)

With this change I guess the good times are officially over: Never, ever will I ride my bike on Ocean on a sunny day, ever again.

In fact, with my own safety in mind, thanks to the people we voted into office, I think my days of riding a bike on Ocean are completely finished, regardless of the weather.

What about the City Council? What were they thinking? Same as usual I’m afraid: the tourists take precedence over the residents, and the cars take precedence over the bikes. It’s what they do.

Shame on them.

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