Questions have been raised about the use of the words “equity,” “justice,” “inclusion,” and “diversity” in CUSD policies and classrooms. For centuries, scholars, schools and communities have used these words and concepts to imagine a more just, fair, and productive society and to debate the best ways to achieve that ideal.

There is no logical reason to prohibit CUSD students or staff from doing the same. Our students will undoubtedly hear these words in college, in the news, in the books they read, and in the jobs they have. These words are not dangerous or somehow wrong. We can all agree that we want our students to be prepared for life off-island. School is the place to learn how to think, how to reason, how to debate. Let’s prepare our students to be citizens who understand and contribute to a just, fair, and productive society.

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It is hyperbole to claim that people are upset your list of words is wrong. In fact, it's a bit intellectually dishonest.

It's not that hard to convey, "Be Kind to Each Other."

Coronado kids get how to be kind to each other. IN fact, the only problems are being created by teh adults in the community, like Luke Serna and Whitney Antrim who colluded, or the race baiting propaganda that has been going around.

Orwellian doublespeak is the problem. CAIR funded special treatment for Muslim students, claiming falsley they were being bullied. These program was rightfully and successfully kicked out of San Diego schools.

And now, it's back, in another form, to create victim mindsets in students and detract from subjects that will play a larger role in their future.

Stop this hyperbole. Stop this Orwellian doublespeak.

Have none of you fools ever read 1984? Animal Farm? Brave New World? Anthem?

Time to go to the library, Coronado.

Leah Schrum

I don't think you really understood 1984. And as a Coronado kid, I approve the message of article above

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