It’s ridiculous how sensitive we have become. One of my favorite cartoons is the “Cleveland Show.” The main character, Cleveland Brown, is black but the person who does his voice is white. So they’re taking it off the air.


Then there’s the controversy of the Redskins mascot. To me, it’s a celebration of the native Americans. It’s only insulting if you perceive it that way.

But if you’re going to make changes, then make them across the board. Cancel “Hamilton” the play. Hamilton wasn’t black. From my knowledge, neither was Jesus or Santa Claus, but I’ve seen them represented as such.

One other thing that I find ridiculous - Confederate statues. If we are one united nation under one flag, then why are we celebrating so-called “heroes” who were the enemy of those who flew the Old Glory? By the way, the Confederates lost that war.

Lastly, remember: “…if you don’t test for COVID-19, there will be less cases.” Thanks, Trump, excellent logic.


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