So, have you declared COVID-19 over, just like your beloved president?

As cases surge and deaths jump, do you really think enforcing 72 hour parking is the most important thing you can do? With no enforcement by the City of Coronado on anything, social distancing, mask wearing or beach crowding you put us all at risk. Despite your emails to the contrary, there is no enforcement as cases climb.

Or do you, like your beloved president, think it is all the fault of too much testing? Your website encourages residents to go help older residents move their cars, thus risking infecting both the old person and the “helper.” If you can’t find anything better to worry about than the 72 hour parking, we’ll help you get new jobs in November. Your lack of leadership is pathetic, and your slow action on choke holds is typical. You can’t wish COVID-19 away, and we’d like something that looks faintly like leadership, not the usual will-o-the-wisp kowtowing to businesses and “the usual suspects” who just love to burn up PD time and resources.

Why don’t you put city resources into testing everyone in Coronado? Bolinas did it, why not us? Are you afraid of what you’ll find?

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