When most people have shut down their computers for dinner and evening activities, the City issued the following day’s agenda items. I first heard of the Council meeting when it was announced on KUSI at about 6:15 p.m. Tuesday that everyone should listen to the presentation concerning raising sea levels.

Why such short notice to us? Perhaps to hide an agenda item the council and management did not want to have comments posted to? Having read the agenda I think I have found two critical items they care not to have us comment on. First was the two story additions for the Cays and second was a very disturbing item, destroy our Seawall along Ocean Ave for the sake of outsiders. Terms like revetment, cut into the Seawall, place trash cans into our rocks, cover the rocks with concrete for a walk way.

I suggest the Management and Council read the Corp of Engineers report on the definition and construction of Seawalls and revetments. Also review the 9th Circuit Court findings of where and when the Mean High Tide lines moves. The Seawall on our ocean side is a very important legal structure for the safety of our town and has over a century protected it many times. On the bay side, that is a revetment and has no legal protection and can be removed at any time the court wants it gone.

The City, Management and Council, had full knowledge of what was happening. The city declared the Seawall in front of the Hotel’s Ocean Towers a revetment, then much later defined it as a protective berm. What a shame since there are pictures over the many years showing that Seawall holding back massive storm waves and protecting the Hotel. Now it is gone and with prior knowledge the Council did nothing even though the City had Coastal Commission permits which should never have been granted. But ask your council where are the rocks and who got them since much prior to this the city told us nobody wanted tons of these rocks.

As a sideline to this, with the removal of the Seawall and the visual Benchmark at the west end of the Seawall we are no longer able to sight down the hotel / public beach property line over to the unofficial benchmark by the dunes. That benchmark was needed to determine if the hotel has encroached onto our public beach, which they have done many times.

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