Two issues ago I asked for, and got, responses to my assessment that Trump’s tactics are reminiscent of the Third Reich--the way Hitler and his gang were able to sneak up on the German people, the German money class, as long as they believed he was supporting the economy they had rescued from the devastation of World War l. Part of that tactic was developing hatred for and fear of minorities.

I especially expressed wonder that so many Coronado conservative thinkers, often men with successful backgrounds in government, business, and the professions, accept and trust in the support of a morally deficient top dog in the White House.

Eighteen women and three men graciously agreed. But finally, one male conservative took me on, in wondrous detail. It could be a script for a Sean Hannity broadcast.

I have read and re-read his arguments, all of which are typical (as in “they just hate”), and sincere. Undoubtedly sincere. I did respond to him briefly. He replied with the usual answers, but never the answer to the question that puzzles at least 50 percent of America: If conservatives believe all that stuff, and apparently they do, why settle for dangerously flawed leadership? Why not look for someone who is honest and trustworthy, sincere and capable, who can pass a basic background check of the sort any business requires of new employees?

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