Kudos to Mr. Tony Marine for his well-written response to my letter to the editor regarding the “Citizens Deserve An Honest Election” letter. Unfortunately, I do take issue with his conclusion that I am perpetuating a false narrative that the 2020 presidential election was somehow fraudulent. I do not take issue with the fact Mr. Biden won the election and that the winner always says the election was fair. But I do believe, along with 39% of Republican, Democrat, and Independent voters, that some level of election fraud was committed. I am advocating for a federal audit to determine how much fraud was committed and what if anything we should do to mitigate it.

Mr. Marine says we just had an honest election. How would we know this for certain? He supports his claim with a quote from Mr. Chris Krebs, a “lifelong Republican and Trump appointee” whose job it was to oversee the election. Mr. Krebs stated the 2020 election was, “the most secure in American history.” Mr. Marine fails to mention that Mr. Krebs, in response to questioning from Senator Rob Portman, had to walk that statement back and admit he was, “only referring to cybersecurity, and not fraud.” A totally different meaning than the broad election security he initially claimed. It should also be noted that Mr. Krebs was in charge of U.S. cybersecurity when the Russian “Solar Winds” malware hack occurred in March, 2020 and was described as the “largest and most sophisticated attack the world has ever seen,” by Microsoft President Brad Smith. Mr. Krebs was subsequently fired by President Trump. I don’t know if this experience calls into question Mr. Krebs credibility regarding his cybersecurity claim for the election, but an audit would help confirm it.

As further support for his position Mr. Marine states that, “From 1948 to 2017 there were 938 convictions of voter fraud – that’s one case every four years.” The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity shows the 938 convictions actually apply to the years 2000 to 2017 rather than 1948 to 2017. Thus, the actual convictions per year would be 52 per year and not one every four years. Further, from 2018-2019 the Heritage Foundation reported there have been 1,311 instances of proven voter fraud and 1,130 criminal convictions. That’s 565 per year and more than ten times greater per year than the previous nine years.

In order for democracy to work, our elections need to be considered credible by the American voter. Election integrity is too important to be left to an honor system. In the 2020 election, over 50 million voters thought the election was rigged. That should be more than enough citizens to justify formal action on the part of our government.

As we know, voter fraud often goes undetected and, even when it is, overburdened prosecutors rarely prioritize these cases. To be sure then, there is an enormous amount of work that needs to be done if we are going ensure free and fair elections going forward. If we can’t trust the election process, our democratic system of government fails.

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The Coronado Politics Facebook Group has the numbers that prove the election was stolen. They are from the public databases.

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