For those who missed it (lucky you), it could have been simply summarized as “orange man bad” and saved a few trees. Mr. LePore apparently believes this election is a popularity contest familiar to high school students where positions without significant power are decided.

It is not.

Nor is it intended to select a drinking buddy nor a Saturday night date.

This election is, however, a simple choice. Someone once said, “You go to war with the army you have, not the army you want.” Maybe Mr. LePore in his wisdom can provide us with better choices.

It isn’t a secret that Trump is often not charming and occasionally chooses rough language but he fixed the VA, quashed ISIS and started peace in the mideast, cut corporate taxes to the worldwide average, stood up to China, crushed unemployment and under employment, increased the median wage, controlled illegal immigration, did Jerusalem, reminded NATO of their promises, readjusted Iran, and exposed the Paris accords. Not bad for a “narcissistic” amateur in 3 ½ years considering a grossly unprofessional, hostile media while defending against a sham impeachment. Maybe just maybe, actual accomplishments require a strong ego and rough language.

Since Mr. LePore and I were in the same class at medical school and he was brazen enough to offer a psychological diagnosis for someone he has never met, I feel safe in doing the same.

Regarding character, Biden is a creepy, lying, corrupt, bigoted, probably senile, plagiarist who in 47 years of “public service” managed only one significant legislative initiative which his VP choice and he now admit was a mistake. But he did manage to get rich.

From a public policy standpoint, Robert Gates, Obama’s Defense Secretary, commented “[Biden] has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades” and he would know. In short, Biden is grossly incompetent. He and Obama are still looking for “shovel ready jobs.” After choosing mentors such as the Grand Dragon of the KKK, extremely poor judgment should be expected and Mr. Biden delivers. But by many accounts, is a “nice guy.”

For anyone who is selecting a President the same way they select a date, I suggest that you pick someone who actually does what he promises. If you find that his personality isn’t your cup of tea, be smart enough to let him finish renovating your house before you make that announcement. If, instead, you pick “the buffoonish but nice guy,” don’t let him drive.

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