Regarding a recent article I wrote about the possible retirement of President Trump, one reader of the “Eagle-Journal” thought I was short-sighted. He was not alone in his admiration of Trump, as the presidential election turnout proved last week.

My article on the president was written in the style of Donald Trump trash talking his own exit from the White House. Clearly, that was not recognized by all. Of course, President Trump accomplished some good while in office, but he nixed too many opportunities to forge America into the respected World Leader it should be.

I do not retract my diagnosis of President Trump as a narcissistic borderline psychotic. We could argue on which psychosis he suffers, but not his overt narcissism. Like persons can be found walking the streets in towns and cities throughout the world, some of them become extremely successful – it’s those around them that suffer.

President Trump has rewritten the playbook of Machiavelli who mentored leaders through the ages on how to succeed in politics. Machiavellianism is now on a back burner, while today, students of politics will study Trump’s successful style of promoting fear, ambiguity, lies and disparaging his opponents – all the while engendering loyalty and admiration. Trump now wears the mantle that Machiavelli wore for centuries. For that I give him credit, but not admiration.

During this prolonged election, one fantasy of mine was to declare a tie and send all four candidates to the White House and have them hammer out a comprehensive health plan and immigration policy etc. with Congress. But then I woke up! I realized that the song from the musical, “Momma Mia” rang true once again – “The Winner Takes it All.”

P.S. I never went to med school, per Steve Herrick’s letter in the Nov. 4 Eagle and Journal. There must be another John Lepore floating around…

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