In response to the letter in the Dec. 16-22 issue “Enough With The Hate Words,” we’d like to first say thanks to the Eagle & Journal for running Jon Sinton’s commentaries. Many of us enjoy the new balance on your Editorial Page.

Second, we’d like to refute a few of the writer’s assertions:

Perhaps because it is generally common knowledge Mr. Sinton did not find it necessary to restate empirical facts regarding the demographics of the Trump electorate. As far back as 2016, the research organization known as reported, “Education, not income, predicted who would vote for Trump.” More recently, on Sept. 17 of this year, Morning Consult wrote, “How race and educational achievement factor into Biden’s 2020 lead.” There are plenty more, but we’ll end with this from The Economist (which is not exactly a bastion of liberal thought) that published a chart on Nov. 11, 2019, titled “Poorly educated voters hold the key to the White House.” You may not like the demographic profile of Trump voters, but “it is what it is”.

To set the record straight, Mr. Sinton did not attend a prestigious university; in fact, he went to a land-grant college in Ohio and he has never embraced anything approaching “anti-America dogma.” Rather the opposite is true. He has spent his time supporting our democracy for many years serving as the chair of a state chapter of the nonpartisan, nonprofit, good government group, Common Cause.

Next, the words “racism, greed, misogyny, ethnocentricity, alienation, and xenophobia” are not “hate words.” They are, however, the descriptive academic language of sociology and seem to many of us to clearly apply to Trump’s manifest and blatant attempts to motivate his voters and, in doing so, further divide the country.

Finally, please, if you wish to be taken seriously, stop referring to the Democratic Party as the “Democrat” Party. It’s a childish snub that does nothing to move debate forward and, in fact, informs us your disrespect is intended precisely to not move the debate forward. Moreover, isn’t calling someone you disagree with “a pathetic uneducated fool”, as you do in your letter, an embodiment of the spiteful language you claim to be railing against?

As a nation we have much work to do to heal the divide we find ourselves facing today and as Americans and patriots, we sincerely hope Coronado can lead the way in this regard. Treating each other with respect and civility would be a good first step.

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