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Re: Impeachment Circus

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Posted: Saturday, October 12, 2019 2:30 pm

Mr. Kelly’s description of President Trump’s personality is fair. Trump’s “bombastic, uninhibited” style and lack of government experience are what attracted many of his now loyal supporters to his populist cause. He speaks the vernacular of what Hillary Clinton labeled the “deplorables.”

President Trump is a product of New York and despite his wealth, his personality was shaped by the rough talking, ethnically diverse, and densely populated borough of Queens. He is a blue-collar personality in an expensive suit. As such, he is not one of the financial and intellectual elites of America. That same elite that despises him and controls Washington, D.C. and the large urban areas.

His campaign mantra that attracted enough votes to win in 2016 was focused on jobs for the working class that would allow them to live a middle-class lifestyle. Trump focused like a laser on two areas that have hurt the working class – unfair foreign trade competition and a massive influx of immigrants that competed for jobs. These issues upset corporations operated by the business elite that have profited by low wages in foreign countries and low wage immigrant workers.

Trump’s lack of intellect and refinement upset the sophisticated class who, joined by liberal journalists and intellectuals, have been viciously critical of the president since before he took office. The irony is that Trump has co-opted the “working class” voting bloc which the Democrats believe belongs to them. The limousine liberals are apoplectic.

Within Washington, D.C. there is the revolving door of political operatives who are in government or in think tanks depending on which political party holds power. There are the large law firms and lobbyists comfortable in the halls of power. The news organizations are a major presence along with a massive and powerful government bureaucracy. And Trump had the audacity to label all of them “the Deep State.”

Trump did not go to Washington to make friends and coddle up to the Deep State, he went to shine a bright light on the incestuous relationships which he believes have harmed America – specifically American workers. His America First policy upset the internationalists who are comfortable criticizing the United States and undermining its power.

The “resistance” to Trump began before he took the oath of office. The evidence shows that some members of the supposed politically neutral bureaucracy are co-conspirators. They tried to use the “Russian interference” issue to undermine him, but the Mueller Report and other emerging information point to the Clinton campaign. The idea of Russia aiding Trump is ludicrous. He is an American nationalist who has harmed Russia with sanctions and military operations in the Middle East. Impeachment was the elite’s ultimate weapon.

Unfortunately, Trump’s inability to carefully articulate a message in the best political and diplomatic form has provided fuel for the Deep State to attack him. They are now firing the biggest arrow in their quiver – Impeachment. After a thorough investigation, they may find that arrow turns towards them.

President Trump with limited political finesse has managed to resurrect a booming economy that provides jobs to anyone who wants to work. He has taken measures to make international trade free but fair to American workers and companies. He has been restrained in the use of force overseas even as he struggles to disentangle the American military from a never-ending war, while also rebuilding the military strength to confront the threat from Chinese aggression.

This president deeply cares about America, yet he has been disparaged on a daily basis by the elites who find him repugnant.

Another bombastic Republican president from New York took on the establishment and won the affection of the American people by making the United States an international power and taking on the big corporations. His name: Theodore Roosevelt.

Let the Democrats play their impeachment card. Their investigation has already begun to reveal their duplicity. Meanwhile, the problems with rising health care costs, trade with China, decaying infrastructure, and military entanglements are put on the shelf. Their constituents may realize this during the 2020 election.

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