This letter is not about politics. It is about public behavior.

We have seen rude, angry, and abusive behavior in a prior city council election (2018), and recently at our school board meetings. We have read about it in the local media.

When candidates for office and officeholders experience acts of vandalism, intimidation, bullying and social media harassment, it is time for all of us to pay attention.

What kind of person thinks it is ok to interrupt other speakers at a business meeting?

What kind of person refuses to listen to a viewpoint at odds with their own?

What kind of person slashes a tire? Throws tortillas on cars? Throws potted plants through a window?

Steals political signs? Makes threatening phone calls?

Takes videos of an officeholder and her children and menacingly posts them on their website?

What kind of person sends an email to an officeholder that begins, “Someone should kick your face in…”?

What kind of person laughs when another says they are in pain?

Obviously, not a kind or considerate person. These are the actions of bullies, rabid fanatics, and childish, immature people. They are behaving like children who throw a temper tantrum, yelling and screaming in an attempt to get their way.

I urge our elected officials to refuse to let the loud and the rude dominate public comment.

I urge all adults who believe in community civility and community spirit to speak up. Let’s join together, regardless of political party, to say “Not in our town.” We need to put a stop to this dangerous, childish, inappropriate, and indecent behavior. Coronado deserves better.

Coronado Resident for 44 years, Judge of the Superior Court, ret., Former lawyer, public school teacher and adjunct professor

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The school board incited this behavior by making egregious false accusations against students and residents of Coronado.

If they don't want to be hated, then don't make false accusations that make national news.

All the rest of what you are saying? It's just them playing the victim card.

Fix the illegal, unjust behavior of the school board and the civility will return.

Call our kids racist? Get hated. It is deserved.

Someone sue these idiots for group libel.

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