These are the same presentations given three years ago at Estuary Center. They are making the same points but don’t come to any conclusions. Here are my comments/observations.

Dr. Feddersen Scripps: The Imperial Beach Estuary has lost of 90 percent of its tidal flow since I have lived here in the 1963. I ask directly….why has the estuary filled with sediment? In the 1960s -1970s there was a deep channel which had kelp beds and the estuary was full of fish. Since that time the oxygen levels in the Estuary have dropped and it barely support life any longer. What is the solution to restore the Estuary? Does the fact that the rivers flow has been reduced by 60% since the 1970s have any bearing on the health of the estuary.? It’s great to do the research but if you cannot come up with tangible recommendation to help the environment what is the point.

Does your scoop site drawings which depict the coast of Tijuana River/coast differentiate from natural sediments and those suspended in the water? The toxins amount to .001 of the water volume. Does this present a health emergency?

Although your studies may be useful to some…what conclusions or actions do you recommend for restore the Tijuana River.?

Dr. Falk Feddersen & Sarah Giddings: There were depictions/drawings of ocean dye studies which show the ocean water contamination traveling North from the Punta Bandera shoreline sewage dump (up to 50 million gallons a day) and this water contaminating the shores of Imperial Beach.

Would there be any consideration of installation of two 1500’ long jetties which would force the contaminated water further out into the ocean. This would greatly improve the water quality at the beaches of Imperial Beach and Playas de Tijuana. One of the two jetties would start at the border fence and go from the shoreline into the ocean. The other could be placed at the south end of Playas de Tijuana.

These scientist are not providing any tangible means to improve our coastal environment, protect our homes or restore the Tijuana River Valley to its natural state.

I am sorry after 40 years of coastal management these processes of civil engagement have failed us.

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