Last November, the city of Coronado decreed no more gas leaf blowers. I was thrilled and hopeful by this first ever climate conscious initiative taken by our city government.

When I spoke about it with my gardener, I learned the economic burden of this enlightened law fell totally on the shoulders of yard maintenance workers and gardeners who do not live or vote in Coronado. These professionals are in the lowest income bracket, self-employed, no storefronts that enable them to apply for small grants.

Electric leaf blowers depend on batteries, none of which will run longer than 120 minutes. My gardener has many gardens to care for daily requiring, at least three extra charged batteries. I have given him $200, enough for an additional blower, battery and charger. This gift represents my gratitude as a resident who wants clean air and takes pride in our city’s well-groomed appearance. Other employers have joined in also.

If the city chooses to help our environment in a way that shifts cost on to those with no voice in our local government, we as individual citizens need to step up to help.

Every February we honor our Presidents Washington and Lincoln. As a birthday gift to these fathers of ours, we can respect our environment and the gardening professionals who are helping care for it, by relieving them of some of this added city-enforced expense.

This can be done immediately by you, their employers, as described above.

Happy Presidents Day.

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