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Port Plans

a letter from John Hermann | Posted: Thursday, August 1, 2019 3:33 pm

I was disappointed to get a copy of a letter from “SaveCoronado.” I was not disappointed with the letter. I agree with every point in it.

I was disappointed with to whom it was addressed; the planning department of the Port of San Diego. I suspect the planning department works at the direction of the port commissioners, one of whom is to represent Coronado.

One of the duties of the planning department must be to come between the commissioners and the public.I suspect the planning department has been directed to “make money.”

Why is the letter not directed to the commissioner representing Coronado?

And to our friendly commissioners representing San Diego who owe all their South Bay water front to Coronado’s grant of a bay corridor?

Maybe Coronado Historical Association could remind us how the Port District was formed; sort of a land grab by San Diego.