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Please Send Your Comments To SANDAG

a letter from Mary Scyocurka | Posted: Thursday, August 1, 2019 3:34 pm

I have been attending the SANDAG Regional Housing Needs Assessment Subcommittee Meetings.The flawed methodology presented by staff to the Subcommittee for the upcoming eight year cycle originally calculated Coronado’s obligation at 1800 new housing units, based on the number of jobs and transit within our jurisdiction. The methodology required cities to provide housing for service members, who already have military housing. Thanks to our Mayor Richard Bailey’s argument that our two bus routes do not meet the criteria of a major transit stop, our number was reduced to 1,001. Then the Subcommittee took base housing into account. This dropped us to 808 of the 171,685 new homes that Sacramento proposed for San Diego County.

The methodology has many other flaws. It does not consider current density or Coastal Commission approvals. It does not take into account that cities with lower populations, of which Coronado qualifies, may receive special consideration. SANDAG is also required by State Law to consider constraints to development, such as sufficient infrastructure and availability of suitable land. They did not.The methodology was presented to the SANDAG Board on Friday. They voted to exclude military housing. This brings Coronado’s number back to 1,001. If we do not meet our obligation, Sacramento will withhold the $440,000 that we have already paid through our taxes and may file a lawsuit. SANDAG has opened the RHNA Methodology for Public Comment through August 9 at clerk@sandag.orgI encourage everyone to contact them, but please avoid NIMBY comments.