Dear Governor Newsom

My name is Judy Mandel and I am the grandmother of a 16 year old baseball player in Southern California. Please know that I miss my grandson. I miss his hugs and I miss his smile. But I think what I miss most his watching him play baseball. I have had the pleasure of watching him play since he was 4 years old. The minute he picked up the bat, we knew this was his passion and as he has gotten older, his dreams to play in college were closer to reality. That is until the pandemic hit and sports in the state stopped.

I try and Facetime with him once a week and over the last few months I have seen a difference in the once fun and passionate kid. He talks about kids in other states being able to play, be with teammates and continue to get better. He thinks his chances and his dreams are slipping away.

What you and the state leaders are doing to these kids is inexcusable and you will have to live with the consequences. If you cannot trust that administrators, coaches and parents/guardians can implement safety measures to keep the kids healthy, you don’t know your constituents. Please have faith in the residents of California. It can be done.

Please let them play.

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