I read a lot about cars and trucks that will all be electric, or at least zero emissions by 2035. I ask, “Why don’t we make significant improvement and reduce our automobile carbon footprint now?”

I have a Honda hybrid that generally gets 45–47 miles/gal. That means when my gas tank is full the miles remaining will read 570. Not bad for one tank of gas. Last weekend I drove to Oxnard and recorded 50.7 miles/gal for the trip.

Recently I took my car in for a recall and was provided a car rental. It was a 2021 Honda, not a hybrid, and the computer told me the gas tank was full; miles remaining was 275. Miles/gallon registered at 23.5 (from previous drivers).

Today we could achieve a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gases from our automobiles if we all drove hybrid cars; a technology that is already here and doesn’t require a major shift in our driving habits like electric cars will demand. I know a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gases isn’t zero, but zero is 15 or more years away. Major improvement is available to us now!

Time to get serious about climate change!

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