We recently received, by direct deposit, several hundred dollars from the economic stimulus distribution, so we didn’t have to wait for “The Donald” to sign a check.

These funds were intended to help the people most impacted by the stringent, but necessary, mitigation efforts aimed at controlling the COVID-19 virus. Thankfully, like most Coronado residents, we are obviously not part of that demographic. Just as obviously it would have been totally inappropriate for us to spend these monies on ourselves. This made us think of those who we have known for years, who had their livelihoods fall to zero overnight - my barber, wife’s hairdresser, our manicurist, gardener, house cleaner, etc. There are also those who are working hard to serve the most needy in these challenging times - Father Joe, San Diego Food Bank, etc.

So, our solution was to redistribute the Federal largesse among those deserving folks and organizations. Imagine what the impact would be if other “needy” Coronado residents followed suit...

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