Props to Trustee Esther Valdez-Clayton for courage and honestly. Credit also to the Eagle for including the Coronado High School Islander Times as an insert. As a former teacher in both public and private schools, I’ve been following the controversy about the No Place for Hate (NPFH) program administrators brought to Coronado Schools. I tracked down and read the 2021-2022 Coordinator and Resource Guide. What is obvious to anyone who reads that guidebook with an elementary understanding of Critical Theory and its surreptitious advancement into public education nationwide is that the Anti-Defamation League’s program is rife with concepts drawn directly from Critical Theory.

As Trustee Valdez tactfully worded it to the student reporter, the NPFH program “often exceeds parental consent.” She explicitly called out inclusion of perspectives on sexuality and sexual ethics in NPFH that run contrary to views many students are taught by parents and faith communities. Thanks to Trustee Valdez-Clayton for the kind of honesty and plain speaking so often absent in the public square.

Contrast Trustee Valdez-Clayton’s response to Superintendent Mueller’s when asked if CRT is an element of NPFH. He avoided the question. His carefully finessed response was CRT “is not included in the NPFH Club or activities.” Why such meticulous prudence? He’s read the same Coordinator and Resource Guide I read. He couldn’t answer the question honestly, so he didn’t. It’s time to start paying close attention when administrators resort to deceptive dodges to avoid simple questions. Please get a copy of the NPFH Handbook and read it for yourself.

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