I would like to thank the mayor’s campaign treasurer (Brad Gerbel) for his candid admission in last week’s Eagle concerning how he and the mayor have infused our town with partisanship to an extent never seen before in Coronado by sitting on the Central Committee of the Republican Party of San Diego County that decides which candidates receive Republican endorsements in Coronado along with a related windfall of free partisan advertising.

Mr. Gerbel is absolutely correct that our local offices for Mayor, Council and School Board are defined by the California Constitution as nonpartisan offices. Many Coronado residents would prefer not to have active partisan interference for our local nonpartisan offices in the form of partisan door knocking, door hangers, mailers and robocalls. Mr. Gerbel is also 100% correct that candidates have the legal right to pursue partisan endorsements, and political parties have the First Amendment right to advertise for their endorsed candidates.

However, Coronado citizens have the First Amendment right to freely express they do not like partisan endorsements and related advertising for nonpartisan offices in our town, and citizens reserve the right not to vote for candidates who have sought partisan endorsements. It’s really that simple, and the only way for Coronado to eliminate such active partisan interference is for (a) candidates not to seek partisan endorsements, and/or (b) the Coronado electorate to stop voting for candidates who seek or accept partisan endorsements. We don’t want or need outside interests deciding what is best for Coronado. As a reminder, from the candidates on the outside looking in this November, City Council candidates Tim Rohan and Casey Tanaka, and School Board candidate Alexia Palacios-Peters, have not sought partisan endorsements.

I urge Coronado residents to vote for City Council and School Board candidates in 2020 who have not sought partisan endorsements, and as Republican-endorsed mayoral candidate Richard Bailey is running unopposed, abstain for Mayor. Please sign the petition to keep Coronado elections nonpartisan:


For a historical overview of how we got to this partisan infused and divisive political climate in Coronado, please see the commentary titled “The People vs Goliath: How Coronado Fell Prey to Partisan Politics and How We Can Take Back Control” at:


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