Wow, what a School Board meeting we had this past week! It lasted for over 8 hours, and there was hardly a dull moment.
To start, I’d like to address the School Board’s decision to partially retract their apology letter from June 20. In a vote of three to two led by Trustee Pontes, Keszei and Anderson-Cruz, the Board approved removing the entire first paragraph of that letter that was so inflammatory and hurtful and threw our kids under the bus. It was a victory for the players, their families and this entire community.

Next, I’d like to address the complete lack of accountability of the School Administration. The entire episode would have never happened if the people in charge had done their jobs. Karl Mueller, Shane Schmeichel and the rest of the adults in charge were derelict in their duties. There was almost no security at the game, the opposing fans were seated together (there was already bad blood from previous games) and a 40-year-old adult was allowed to bring and distribute tortillas to a bunch of unsuspecting kids without anyone asking him what he was up to. Where is their apology to the kids and this community? Why aren’t they being held accountable?

Finally, I’d like to address the treatment of our boys basketball team. It has been reported by multiple people at the game that Orange Glen fans and possibly their players, called our players the “N” word. Where is the outrage? I don’t hear Trustee Esther Valdes or Whitney Antrim or Senator Ben Hueso or Supervisor Nora Vargas calling on Orange Glen for an apology!

Why not? Was this all for political gain? What message are they all sending? That it’s OK to make disparaging remarks if the player is black, but it’s not OK if they are Hispanic? I find that to be completely despicable! You have to ask yourself, who are the racists, colorists and classists?

It’s time for the School Board and Administration to demand an apology from Orange Glen, issue an apology to the boys, their families and this community, so that finally we can move on and let the healing begin. Anything short of that is unacceptable!

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Hello Mr Rauber and thanks for your concern for our boys. The reason there was no outrage from any of the boys of color on our team (or their parents) regarding the alleged use of the "N" word by OG players (or fans) is because it did not happen.

My son is one of those black players, and neither he nor any of his Black teammates reported any racial slurs said before, during or after the game, nor did our team Captain Wayne McKinney raise this issue in any of his public comments about the conduct of OG players during the game.

I might add that Orange Glen had a Black Assistant Coach, three Black players, and three very vocal Black fans sitting behind their bench, adds further credibility to our boys confirmation that it did not happen.

Again, thank you for your support and concern for the team, but please do not continue to spread this false rumor.


The race baiting school board is full of corruption and they are bloating their salaries using these special programs and are price gouging children at the pool. They are in it for the personal gain and will stab your children in the back for pennies on the dollar.

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