In the Oct. 13 Eagle & Journal, the commentary “Education Needs Involved Parents” was a lucid, even-tempered argument highlighting the importance of meticulous parent oversight of their children’s education and school policy. The admonition not to trivialize terrorism by applying it to concerned parents was spot on. The letter “Ideology as the Measure of Virtue” highlighted attempts to do so nationally, and locally, where the terror reference has already been employed by a CUSD trustee tweeting about angry parents speaking up at Board Meetings by saying, “This is what we are up against - fringe groups terrorizing our community.” 

What should “involved parents” come to expect if they attempt to expose and seek redress for the impact upon their children of policies such as the Governor mandating all public and private school students 12 and over to be vaccinated with an experimental genetic design vaccine? They can expect to be treated like the Virginia father who accused the Loudoun County School Superintendent and Board of covering up the alleged rape of his daughter in a high school girls’ bathroom by a teenage boy dressed in a skirt. Like that father, be prepared for arrest and condemnation as a terrorist. Expect to be cynically used by bureaucrats such as those at the National School Boards Association who justify federal law-enforcement intimidation of concerned and involved parents nationwide. Reach out to We The Parents Coronado and help petition the CUSD Board to approve a resolution affirming free speech rights of parents at school board meetings without fear of retribution.

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She is being hidden by the current administration, but Susan Davies is the one running the DoJ, behind the scenes. She is giving these marching orders against parents and she should be removed immediately. A Sidley Austin stooge and CIA plant, she protects monopolistic elements and steers policy in their favor.

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