As a Cays resident, I drive by Silver Strand State Beach every day. Since November, there have been yellow signs warning of sewage contamination and an electric sign stating the water is closed. My son surfs at South Beach in front of the Towers and those same signs are there.

Beside the inconvenience of having to drive my child to Pacific Beach to surf, this is a huge economic impact on both Coronado and IB, which has the same problem.

We have been hearing from the Federal government for years they are working with the Mexican authorities to fix the problem, nothing ever gets done.

Now the Federal government is proposing spending over $300 million of our money on what is an inherently MEXICAN problem to solve this issue. I see this as a matter of incentive and the Mexican Federal government just does not have the incentive to fix the problem.

So instead of the U.S. pouring our taxpayers money into their problem, which could be much better spent here, say fixing the roads in SD county, how about we incentivize the Mexicans. A simple proposal, for every day the beach’s of IB and Coronado are closed, the Border Ports at TJ, Otay and Calexico are closed. I 100% guarantee that will get Mexico City’s attention. Then they will feel the consequences of their inaction.

Not only will this put the problem where the problem lays with the Mexicans, but it will save us from spending $300 million to fix their problem.

VOL. 113, NO. 17 - April 26, 2023

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If the true cost is $300M from Feds then let's get it done. That's less than $1per person in us. Mexico is a third world semi-democracy with oligarchs and drugs in charge. They could care less and restricting border passage hurts mostly hard working Mexican and their families. Forget the outrage and just get it done. Be practical and not principled and just maybe our beaches will be swimmable.


It isn't fair but if we want to use our beaches safely it's the price we need to pay. This is a case of the rich nation needing something done by a poorer neighbor nation. We of course could continue to demand Mexico do something but we lose the safe use of our beaches. " It's the price you pay for being rich, free and alive all at the same time." The West Wing Season 1 Episode 12


While you are correct that it should be Mexico's problem to solve, clearly -after this many years - it is not among their priorities to complete. I agree with the responders. We are already absorbing annually tens of millions in lost tourism, health care costs, and other environmental and opportunity costs. An investment in building this plant for Mexico would pay for itself rather quickly and is worth the expense IMO.

Mj baja

Now that I have lived in Baja Mexico 15 years. I will say. It’s not the Mexicans who are slobs. Look at the filth after 4th of July in Coronado or Orange avenue after the parade. Coronado had an opportunity yeas ago I was told to help with a solution. But said Oh No we’re not adding money to the solution! Guess what Coronado. There is Karma!

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