I belong to a group that swims together, as we have for years, everyday about 8 a.m. Swimming together is something that we really enjoy as it is not only very healthy, but deeply satisfying to be with your friends and in the water at the same time.

In this year of Covid, we have found a new home at the Brian Bent Memorial Aquatic Complex (BBMAC.) The manager there, Carrie Fernan, is very accommodating and makes us feel so welcome. The lifeguards don’t seem to mind that the Republicans are in one end of the pool while the Democrats are in the other. At first the lifeguards had to remind us to wear our masks when on deck but they were always polite and friendly.

I’ve never heard of anyone catching any virus in chlorinated water and do not worry about that at all. But were it not for Carrie’s accommodations to us, I doubt that we would still be there.

Thank you to Carrie, Staff, and Coronado School District.


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