Republicans bristle when people said, “Trump is not their president.” Of course he is America’s president – for good or ill. What is meant is that he is not our type of president. We’d like our president to be more presidential, along the lines of Reagan, Carter, G.W. Bush, Obama; inspirational as Lincoln, both Roosevelts, Kennedy. What we have is a mean, vindictive sociopath who’s only proven skill lies in Reality TV.

Trump got elected in 2016 because Americans were disgusted with the fruitless machinations of politics in Washington D.C. Trump appealed to the people that wanted change, just as they did for Obama before him.

To be fair, it is probably not Trump’s fault that his presidency has been a disaster on so many levels. Trump was poorly prepared for the job he holds. He hasn’t spent one day in the military, yet he is expected to be Commander –in- Chief of our military. Trump had not spent one day in Congress yet he was expected to lead the government in promulgating our laws. Perhaps we should feel sorry for him rather than condemn him.

The following presidential picadillos should make us think twice before pulling the lever for a Trump vote. To vote for Trump, I’d have to believe that every news outlet, except for FOX News is routinely communicating “fake news” and that Trump is the “greatest president of all time.” Those misrepresentations will not play out well in 2020.

You also have to believe that the economy that Trump parlayed off Obama’s stint in the White House was all of Trump’s doing. True Trump has helped the economy by crippling the environment for years to come. Are we crass enough to be more concerned over the health of our stocks than the well- being of our country as a whole?

Trump admires world leaders like Putin, Jong-Un and Duterte and their dictatorial powers. Once Trump said, he was so popular he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue in New York City and get away with it. I disagree with the “popular” part, but the way Trump continues to violate our criminal law system, maybe he could avoid justice.

He lies, hoping no one will fact check.

At our National Prayer Day in Washington D.C. Trump disparaged the prayers of both Romney and Pelosi. Especially he singled out Pelosi as worthy of impeachment, to which Max Von Essen retorted, “Alert me when Pelosi sexually assaults someone, mocks the disabled, tears a child from their parents, pays off a porn star, insults a Gold Star family, calls Nazis fine people, denies science, steals from a charity or starts a fake university. Until then Mr. Trump, take a seat.”

Trump has proven himself to be a vindictive person. He seems to think the presidency is a Reality Show where he can fire anyone he wants, regardless of their worth to the country. The bodies of those he fired lie all over the landscape: Vinman, Sondland, Bolton, Kelly, Sessions, McMasters, Bannon, Comey, Flynn – to name a few. The list grows larger each month.

The national debt under Trump is skyrocketing with the endless extensions of the Trump Wall on our southern border and the increase in funding for the military which already is the greatest in the world. Trump has insisted on a new branch of the military called the Space Force. It is now a reality! Unless Congress reins him in, the debt will increase exponentially into the next century.

For all his faults, Trump is loyal to his cronies handing out presidential pardons to the worst offenders. Even at this late date, Trump has not stood up to the National Rifle Association for meaningful gun law legislation like banning assault weapons. It’s as he never heard of the slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary School where 20 innocent children were torn apart, murdered by an assault weapon.

Despite all of the above, there is the possibility that Trump will triumph in November. The Republic may survive even that catastrophe because our country is too strong for one man to destroy all our core values. Trump can only weaken America in the short run, but strengthen the resolve of the people to bring decency back to the White House so that our country can be what is once was – the beacon of light for the world to emulate. Whether you like Trump or abhor him, remember to vote this year. So many have sacrificed dearly to give us that privilege.

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