Mr. Barr, If you would like to do your part in eliminating the scourge of socialism, why not start by renouncing your past and future use of the socialist programs you have been enjoying? Ask your accountant to calculate and pay what you owe for your use of our public plumbing, the federal highways, Medicare, K-12 education, police, EMT, fire fighters, the military forces and all those other socialist programs that have so gravely impacted your freedom.

I haven’t an answer however for how to address your concern for what those insufferable intellectuals and elites are responsible. The vaccine research, scientific breakthroughs, cutting edge medical care, and effective public health practices they have pioneered already form the foundation of our standard of living. It might be too late to fix that damage but perhaps your pejorative use of the word “elite” will shame them into oblivion.

In this pandemic the concern most of us share is about lives lost or in peril in crowded military quarters, assisted living facilities, and by dedicated healthcare workers trying to save lives at the risk of their own. Might your concern be redirected from fear of socialism to the upcoming challenge to rebuild and restructure the economy? That is sure be a task that will require all hands on deck.

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