Did you see the first City Council meeting of the new year, Tuesday, Jan. 5, on Channel 19? Maybe not because at that exact same hour national TV was reporting out the Georgia state votes for Senator. It takes an ancient Coronado type like me to be more interested in how the Council would move on Casey Tanaka’s request to reconsider the previous Council’s unfortunate vote to spend $1.9 million to tear up Ocean Boulevard.

This issue comes before the Council again on Tuesday, Jan. 18, and will also be broadcast on City TV Channel 19, hopefully with no outside distractions from the national circus. (Thank you Casey, Richard, and Mike for making this happen.) Coronado citizens can help with the deliberation by going to “Comment Coronado” on the Coronado City Home Page.

Meanwhile Councilman Tanaka has received enough public input to convince him that most residents really prefer doing nothing to Ocean Boulevard. As it is, the original sidewalk meets ADA requirements, and apparently suits most of our folks just fine.

An interesting proposal for improved beach access, modeled on the old Santa Monica sand walkway, has been suggested by longtime resident, retired SEAL Dick Hoffmann. Our SEAL teams pretty much live on our ocean front, so I like this advice.

Notice to the Save-Our-Beach Brigade: Please seriously consider this suggestion. Instead of disrupting Ocean Boulevard, make use of the very wide and getting wider, unused stretch of vacant sand between the dunes and the water’s edge. Entering North Beach, close to the dunes start an 8 to 10 ft. wide hard top path, suitable for bikes and pedestrians, running all the way east, past the Hotel del to the place at the far end of the shores where a stop light makes it easy to cross the Strand highway and continue on around the edge of the island. Doesn’t encroach on beach umbrellas/swimmers/strollers/waders/young sand castle builders, doesn’t mess up the street or the rocks, and easily gets more people out there. Plan it right by bringing in an experienced landscape architect before the engineers.

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