I endured the entire Feb. 2 City Council meeting on Channel 19 to hear some discussion or reporting on the Ocean Boulevard project. Nothing

It was not on the agenda, but it is on the minds of many of our residents, unlike most items the Council guys deal with, so I expected there might be some mention of public feedback or Engineering Staff progress.

Lifestyle planning, whether for personal living space or public venues, is best done over time. Worked into. Thought through again and again. Designed and redesigned. Really studied.

I have been detouring along Ocean Boulevard repeatedly trying to re-visualize the most useful yet simple change ideas that make sense there. Those antique streetlights really are in the way of walkers. Moving them into the rocks seems destructive if not hugely difficult and very expensive. So why are we not thinking of just moving them across the street? Beautiful tall traditional light standards like the elegant new ones at the Fourth and Alameda North Island exit intersection? Probably painted gray, not the same green. Has that been considered?

And those benches up on the rocks. Beautiful places to stop. Often occupied. How about installing more of them?

The next Council meeting is Tuesday, Feb. 16. I hope Islanders will keep filling Council emails with Ocean Boulevard suggestions and preferences.

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