Regarding Mr. Gultekin’s, the husband of trustee Whitney Antrim, Aug. 23, “Stand Up, Reasonable People” letter; I attended the trustee meeting beginning to end, his account is untrue. President Pontes did a great job moderating and keeping to the agenda. Trustees patiently allowed all to speak; most were polite and respectful. No speakers were “drowned out.” The most emotional exchanges were between trustees, not trustees and citizens. Check the video.

The turnout implies many feel their voices are not being heard. Mr. Gultekin dismissed community outrage due to reckless pronouncements of racism “and related conspiracy theories” as unreasonable. He asserts critical theory is “not now, nor has ever been taught in K-12 schools.” Again untrue. The No Place For Hate Coordinator Handbook and Resource Guide makes that clear. The Superintendent now asserts the program has magically transformed into a “club.” Why? To use children as a cover for adult instituted ideological training.

No student reached out to contract with the ADL for copyrighted materials. Either a Coronado administrator with contracting authority or the San Diego County Office of Education did so. The trustees owe the public an answer: Who, by name and title, contracted with the ADL for No Place For Hate?

Informed parents pushed back, so administrators now insist “we don’t teach Critical Theory in Coronado Schools.” Are there“Critical Theory” classes? No. The ideology is interjected into programs and curricula through “front” vehicles like “clubs,” supplemental educational materials and manipulation of class content promoting an identity-centered worldview. “Club” is a transparent ruse. No Place For Hate was selected by administrators and implemented by staff.

Mr. Mueller’s June 9, 2020, overtly theoretical public pronouncement tells the origin tale: “what we have done to address systemic racism isn’t nearly enough…time to critically examine who we are as individuals…” He pledged “adapting our approaches to incorporate explicit inclusivity and antiracism in our actions as a staff and as school community.” From what source are such concepts drawn? The Declaration of Independence? The Constitution? The Federalist papers? Bueller … Mueller … Bueller?

Yet Mr. Gultekin characterizes opponents of “equity first” education as unreasonable, “pushing their political agenda on our community if we let them.” Nonsense, unless his definition of unreasonable is “anyone who objects.” Spare us faux civility indignation and social justice “well-educated world citizens” claptrap. I’m completely reasonable. Prepare my children to compete in math, literacy, science, and history with top-performing students worldwide. And stop disparaging parents who reason quite well enough to call out this deceitful con game.

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"Prepare my children to compete in math, literacy, science, and history with top-performing students worldwide. And stop disparaging parents who reason quite well enough to call out this deceitful con game." This seems like a reasonable objective for everyone who truly wants to educate the children. Unless there is another goal. What ever happen with education, that prepares the student for real life, reading, science, math, and given the fact that California and our Country has fallen so far down as compared to the other Countries, we need to ask what are we teaching, how are we teaching, and why is it not producing educational results required to compete in the world? Or are we achieving a desired result?

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