I’m thankful to live in Coronado where our local police officers are worthy of respect.

Yet such is not the case everywhere. The Minneapolis City Council in the wake of the George Floyd killing (by a criminal cop) has recently unanimously voted to study disbanding their police department, eventually replacing it with a community-led public safety system, whatever that may turn out to be.

The proposed dismantling and/or defunding of the Minneapolis Police in favor of a so-called Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention sounds noble enough, and will

take time to implement. But when a municipality opts to no longer support its law enforcement arm, its citizenry should brace for skyrocketing crime rates. Ouch!

Flash! In such an idealistic brave new world as is proposed, when one wishes to report a crime in progress, don’t bother calling the cops. Instead, phone a friend, neighbor, or (ahem) social worker.

And in the meantime, while one waits for “help” to arrive, I have three words of advice to impart:

Vaya con Dios!

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