I am amused by the recent fuming fulminations about President Biden. A description (Nov. 24) of Mr. Biden as a “mentally faded inept 78 year old political hack who has retained little governing knowledge or skills” is par for the course. It is strange because this “hack” in ten months has succeeded in restoring a functioning, stable government instead of creating the daily chaos we grew accustomed to the last four years. The president is focused on the dull, plodding business of governing and is getting results.

The stock market is higher than it ever was under Mr. Biden’s predecessor; the S&P 500 has hit more than 50 record highs so far in 2021. 5.6 million jobs have been created, a record pace for a new president, and unemployment is down to 4.6 percent from an estimated 10 percent.

Wages for American workers have increased this year at the fastest rate in more than two decades. Economic growth for 2021 is on course to hit a healthy 5 percent. Serious efforts to deal with the pandemic by encouraging vaccines is bearing fruit. Mr. Biden has signed legislation that will secure better roads, bridges, electric power and drinking water for all Americans. Despite fierce opposition, the president is within striking distance of securing better child-care assistance, free prekindergarten and lower drug prices.

Mr. Biden has achieved this with razor thin majorities in the Congress, performing a more astounding feat than Franklin D. Roosevelt who had resounding majorities in both houses to pass groundbreaking legislation.

Not bad for a “mentally faded, inept, 78 year old political hack!”

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