In the past there have been notable nationwide outbreaks of misguided hysteria in the U.S.- the roundup of American citizens of Japanese heritage in World War II, a witch-hunt for Communists post World War II, and of course the Salem trials which popularized the term witch-hunt. There is a current one in Coronado, California, with overtones of Nazi-ism. All to a greater or lesser degree used usually anonymous informants as often-spurious evidence.

Consider the following keywords “report,” “document,” and “file.” Now substitute the word denounce or the words anonymously inform where all appear. As in denounce your parents, denounce your teachers, inform on your classmates. Now read about Nazi Germany in the 1930s and the House Un-American Activities Committee-notoriously the HUAC- and their infamous use of informers.

The keywords above are quoted from a website called InclusioNado, misguidedly suggesting using Nazi tactics in a no doubt well-intentioned sortie against racism.

Racism has no place in America. Using children as informants has no place anywhere and InclusioNado has no place in Coronado.

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