It is with great sadness that my freshman daughter will not be attending Coronado High School (CHS) and here are the reasons. First, the accelerated pace of the new 4x4 schedule is not a good fit for her. The fact that she was encouraged to take three classes instead of four also meant she would be shortchanged 270 hours of in-class instruction every year. That’s not good for anyone.

But before making the final decision to move her to a new high school, I thought I would get input from my older daughter and her friends who just graduated from CHS. What I heard and learned was very distressing. I’ll start by saying my daughter is apolitical, and she has both liberal and conservative friends. When I asked if they would send their kids to CHS, their overwhelming answers were no. Although they liked a lot of their teachers, they universally said the culture created by some administrators and some teachers was toxic and there was no room for free or open discussion or thought.

Students figure out almost instantly that life and grades are easier if you give certain teachers (mostly History and English) the “Left” answer rather than the “Right” answer. It’s ok to support liberal ideas but it is not ok to support conservative ideas. Obama/Biden good, Trump bad.

Young people should be exposed to all sides of an issue and then encouraged to form and then defend their own thoughts and positions. They shouldn’t be afraid to speak their minds or have their grades based on their political and social beliefs.

I’m all for talking about current events, but why is CHS trying so hard to steer young minds to the left and create political activists out of our young people? They should be worrying about football games and dances, not about what political party they belong to. CHS should be a place where all students feel they can be themselves and not who their teachers think they should be. It shouldn’t be this way!

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The politicization has reached criminal extent in CUSD. Demand resignations.

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