Please consider this my endorsement of Nick Kato as a member of the Coronado School Board.

Admittedly, I have never served on a school board. However, I have two law partners who served on separate school boards for several years in the Midwest where we practice law. In discussing with each of them the important characteristics of effective school board members, both have told me that the best school board members are those who are good with people, open minded, willing to work with others, receptive to innovative ideas, problem solvers, fiscally responsible, and dedicated to children’s success.

During the year that I have lived next-door to Nick and gotten to know him, I have learned that Nick possesses all of these characteristics. When my wife and I moved to Coronado a year ago, Nick and his wife Rika were the first to welcome us to the neighborhood. We soon learned that Nick was a leader of the community. Although Nick had not lived here long, he knew many people and was influential among them all. I realized very soon that Nick was not only a very generous man, but was also innovative in his business pursuits, and had solved many challenges while becoming successful. Obviously, Nick’s intimate understanding of financial matters will be a great asset to the Coronado School Board. Additionally, as a father of two young children, Nick is greatly motivated to create the best environment possible for children in the Coronado school district.

I will say that Nick not only has youthful energy in everything he does, but he is also wise beyond his years. I am considerably older, but Nick’s insight on life’s issues makes him seem older to me than he is. Nick is willing to listen to the perspectives of others but has the boldness to do what he believes is best regardless of opposition. My partners tell me that school board members need to be willing to speak their minds and be leaders, and I can assure you that Nick is a leader.

Possibly one of the most important qualifications of Nick Kato as a school board member is the fact that he has an exceptional partner and wife, Rika, who is herself levelheaded, insightful, creative and passionate for children. Clearly, a school board member is no better than his or her spouse, and Nick has a special and supportive spouse.

For all of these reasons and more, it is my firm belief that Nick Kato would be an excellent choice for the Coronado School Board.

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