I just got back from the school board meeting on August 19 and my eyes are now open! 

There were lots of great arguments against the masks and CRT (Coronado’s version is a “Trojan Horse” program called “No place for Hate”). You can stream the meeting yourself on “Coronado School Board meetings and minutes” go to their Live Stream and click on School Board. (http://coronadousdca.swagit.com/play/08202021-564) Fast forward till you get to the comments from the audience. Anyone who is clear thinking will realize this is not a positive program for race education. In fact, it has the opposite effect. In the guise of a ‘club” this program was slipped in throughout the curriculum. $30,000 was allotted to this “club” without any public knowledge or approval. The allocation guideline per club is $250 per year. 

Your eyes will be opened and you will get a feel for the board members and their positions. Be informed and please hear and see for yourselves.

Additionally, just another example of nonsensical expenses to show  how out of control the board is, they agreed to paying $10,000 for a speaker to give a ‘pep’ talk to the teachers. (This is 25% of what a new teacher makes and that person works the entire year, not 1 or 2 hours.) Outrageous for an 1 ½ hour talk!

Another example brought up was that there was a special position created for the outgoing principal to introduce more ‘Trojan Horse Programs.” The board suggested and approved a $114,000 salary for this position. Four people applied and the outgoing principal got the job!! He will be getting 147,000! It was questioned why he should get that much since the job salary was posted at 114,000. The HR person said he was the best qualified and as was customary, he would retain this salary! 

Please watch the school board meeting and realize what is happening to your tax dollars. This board needs to be monitored; they can’t be trusted. Please attend in September, where there will be a public trial for the one dissenting board member, Stacy Keszai.

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We need more parent participation! Let your voices be heard!


I watch with great interest all of the public comments from the school board meeting. I am not a resident of your fine Island, but I must say I appreciate the taping of the meeting. I read the news and commentary on the meeting, and after actually watching it I came to understand that those who participated in this meeting, including the Board members and public were professional, courteous, and well informed. The concerned parents and citizens raised issues and solutions that were reasonable, well thought out, and most importantly, having their children's interest at heart. The thoughts expressed regarding your HS Basketball Team, against the deliberate and purposeful labeling of this Team by the Coronado Unified School District’s board as "racism, classism, and colorism which fueled the actions of the perpetrators", was and is necessary to protect these teen-agers personal integrity and reputations. The willingness of these adults to shame these kids, for political gain is worthy of their dismissal. Their meeting in the "dark of night", to deliver this verdict without proper investigation or oversight should be properly condemned.

The use of racial issues, taken completely out of context, manipulated by many in media and many in political positions, to distort the truth, cause racial divisions, and divide our Union should be exposed and rejected. We are seeing it in Del Rio Texas, as even our President is propagating the vicious lies against mostly Latino Boarder Patrol agents who are doing their best to handle an out of control border intrusion that is a direct result of this President's policies. The President and those who support these crazy border policies, use "race" to distract the Nation, divide our Country, and soil the good reputations of these fine officers. The President lied about what happen, not one person was whipped or treated in a manner that was illegal or immoral. Similarly, the HS Basketball Team, which was labeled to distract the locals from the CRT and Stop the Hate curriculums that this Board and the guy who brought the Tortilla's to the game want to push upon your community, racial divide was the vehicle used to accomplish their goal! These tactical exercises used against your HS Teens in order to achieve a political objective, must be exposed and rejected . Coronado continue to stand up against these insidious and deceitful tactics that are designed to destroy your community.

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