recent letter to the Eagle criticized Trustee Antrim for being emotional when describing the attacks she and her family have suffered since her election to the CUSD Board of Trustees. This shows a total lack of empathy by the writer for the very real threats Trustee Antrim has received. In a civilized society, most normal people would come to her defense in this situation and not attempt to blame and/or shame her for being a victim.

The writer then blames Trustee Antrim for the Board’s difficulty in getting any real business done due to the “Jerry Springer Show” antics at Board meetings since last spring. Such a mischaracterization is not terribly surprising since the writer is part of a group that includes Trustee Keszei and other members of We The Parents Coronado (WTPC) working in the shadows to try to get Superintendent Mueller fired.

When describing the “disgusting spectacle” of screaming and yelling at school board meetings, what school board meetings has the writer been watching? The CUSD Board meetings I watched were dominated by members of WTPC and it was their disruptions and rude behavior that prevented the CUSD Board from functioning properly in recent months. If, as he states, the board meetings have become a circus, the performers on center stage at recent meetings were largely members of WTPC.

The writer is correct: this behavior has to stop and the community must get back to “doing what’s best for Coronado’s students.” It’s safe to say the entire community hopes this happens, but maybe the writer needs to ask the members of WTPC to stand down instead of trying to blame Trustee Antrim for the chaos they are causing.

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Antrim is playing the victim card, crying out while she attacks you, your reputations and your way of life.

This is DARVO tactic BS.

Deny, attack, reversing the victim and the offender.

We are not fooled by this amateur propaganda.


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