I am pleased to announce my endorsement of John Duncan and Mike Donovan for election to the Coronado City Council.

The City of Coronado is a $90 million agency that serves 26,000 residents. The future of our city is full of opportunities and challenges that deserve thoughtful and professional leadership to navigate.

John Duncan’s resume is incredibly impressive. He is an accomplished businessman and lawyer with 25 years of complex legal experience. John also has years of volunteer community service, serving on city-appointed commissions and as a youth sports coach in town. Even more impressive than his professional resume is John’s devotion to his wife and four teenage children. In short, John possess the intellect, professionalism, and work ethic necessary to continue leading Coronado forward. John is a leader and would be a tremendous asset to have on city council. I am proud to endorse John Duncan and encourage you to consider voting for him, too.

Mike Donovan was elected to the City Council in 2016. Since that time, the City Council tackled major issues that previously went unaddressed for decades. We secured $300 million to address the Tijuana sewage issue, we convinced the state to make suicide prevention on the Coronado Bridge a priority, we refinanced CDA bonds to help stabilize the financial situation of the Coronado Unified School District, and we approved local control of Orange Avenue and Third and Fourth Streets. Mike supported each one of these initiatives and I am confident he will continue to bring a thoughtful, forward-looking perspective to address the challenges and opportunities we face. Mike has my support and I encourage you to support him as well.

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