Once again John Morton (Eagle, 12 August, “Maskless Surrender”) puts forth all sorts of mumbo-jumbo, most of which he admits has nothing to do with masks. The world has never seen a pandemic like we are currently experiencing, so it is no surprise that the advice of experts (medical and others) changes as more becomes known about how the virus works and how to combat it. And, of course, along the way there were predictions that never materialized, some of which seem far-fetched now. But that’s how science works and knowledge expands!

Sometimes one has to provide guidance based on correlation rather than causation (which John objects to) in the hopes of saving lives. Does he not care about the 170,000 US deaths so far, or trying to reduce another 80,000 deaths possible by Election Day? Does he care about the unknown millions who will suffer negative long-term effects after “recovering” from the disease?

He is absolutely correct in faulting the bad advice that was knowingly offered (even if done for a perceived “good” reason) by the CDC in some of their early messages. I wish he had also addressed the snake-oil remedies coming from quacks of all flavors, including our Washington liar-in-chief: injecting disinfectants, ultraviolet light inside the body, just waiting for summer, etc.

But he is not correct in advising people to refuse to wear masks as some badge of personal freedom or reaction to all the uncertainty. For whatever reason, masks and social distancing has been extremely effective in reducing the spread of the virus in many countries. It may not be the best solution or the only solution for the US, but it’s all we’ve got at the moment.

If John believes there are more effective approaches, where are they? Or does he just prefer to complain?

The US approach to dealing with the pandemic is clearly a failure. Trump has failed the American people. House and Senate members have failed the American people. They all deserve to be replaced at the earliest possible date.

BTW, it’s important to recognize that there are many types of “masks” on the market, some of which are unacceptable for coronavirus purposes. For example, masks with vents (made for construction work) do absolutely no good. And recent tests show that neck gaiters made from thin, stretchy material also do no good, and in fact may cause more harm to others versus not wearing a mask at all. Our knowledge is evolving with the science; keep up to date!

So until John gives us the silver bullet or we are all vaccinated, mask up and social distance Coronado!

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